Tango X

Sku: Tangx

Tango X

Sku: Tangx
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What it is
For 10 years, the mini but mighty Tango has been one of the world‘s most powerful bullet vibrators. Now, Tango X is taking it to another level, featuring a motor that is extremely powerful, vibrations that are more rumbly and a shape that is optimized for maximum pleasure, while a newly designed handle offers better grip. Tango X targets your sweet spot with pinpoint accuracy. Petite, powerful and precise, Tango X fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Who it's for
Tango X is perfect for anyone looking to take their play to another level – whether solo or with a partner – while still enjoying the compact, discreet and convenient nature of a mini vibe.

How to play
1. Place the silicone grip securely in the palm of your hand. 

2. Position Tango X on your clitoris or other erogenous zones and enjoy the deep vibrations.
3. Explore different settings and positions to tailor your experience.
Partner play
Tango X features a silicone grip that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, meaning there is no limit to the fun you and your partner can explore together.


• Travel lock
• Magnetic charging
• Whisper quiet
• 7 vibration modes
• Waterproof (IPX7)
• 8 intensity levels
• Silicone handle for better grip
• 90 minute charge
• Up to 2 hours of play
• Low power alert
• Rechargeable

Product and USP descriptions

Pinpoint power play
Hit the spot and keep it there thanks to Tango X’s perfectly targeted form.

Always gets the job done
A bestseller for 10 years, Tango X has been re-engineered to create the deepest and most rumbly vibrations for maximum pleasure.

Mini but mighty
While being conveniently petite, this mini features one of the most powerful motors in its class - extreme sensations are guaranteed.

Never lose your grip
Tango X features a new silicone handle with intuitive buttons for optimum performance.

How to demo Tango X

1.- Set the scene – Paint a picture of scenarios in which Tango X can be enjoyed – bring it into the bathtub, or on a weekend getaway. Used solo or with a partner, the possibilities are endless.

2.- Power up – Press the + button to power on.

3.- Adjusting intensity – Mention that there are two ways to increase intensity: a) users can hold the + button for a rapid, seamless increase; or b) press the + button to gradually increase intensity ( - to decrease).

4.- Shape, design and waterproof rating – Highlight that Tango X has a „pinpointed shape“ for deep rumbly vibrations despite its small size. Note that Tango X is also IPX7 rated – meaning it is waterproof and can be enjoyed in the bathtub or in the shower.

5.- Good vibrations – Demonstrate the 7 different pattern modes and 8 intensity levels – offering a lot of variety for both solo and partner play.

6.- Travel lock for discreet travel – Activate the travel lock feature by holding the + and - buttons at the same time for 2 seconds. Tango X will pulse twice and the device will lock – do the same again to unlock. The travel lock ensures Tango X stays discreet while traveling. Note that the travel lock is deactivated by charging Tango X.

7.- Power off and charging – Press and hold the - button to turn Tango X off. Note that Tango X can be recharged via its magnetic charging pins.